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  • Need lark bumper jack

    NEED LARK BUMPER JACK FOR MY 59 LARK . Jacks on E-bay are any where from $20..00 to over $150.00 . I'd rather trust you people and know what I'm getting from a loyal member. I drive my lark a lot so a bumper jack would be nice to have , and to have an original that fits the bumpers properly would be even more out standing.

    I'm hoping someone here in our club will help me out . ???????? $50.00 to $75.00 plus I pay the shipping ????? would that be fair????

    Please help "Thank You " BELFAIRSOPER@GMAIL.COM

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    I wouldn't trust the original bumper jacks that came with cars of that era, they were clumsy at best and deadly at worst. I carry a hydraulic bottle jack with me, never had to use it but you never know. Most people these days just call AAA. DO make sure your spare is in good shape and has air in it at all times. Having said all that, I think I have a lark bumper jack, I bought it from a guy who said it was for a Hawk but it doesn't fit the bumper profile but looks like would fit a Lark. $25 + the ride and you can have it, I can send some pics if you like.


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      I like to have the original jack for the car, but a scissors jack is better to actually put to use for a flat tire.


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        A small hydraulic trolley jack is the way to go. They are much more stable than a scissor jack and won't tip over easily even on dirt or uneven surfaces. They operate like a larger floor jack. Better safe than sorry.


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          The bases are all different if I remember correctly. Some had a 'T' shape others a 'V' shape and so on. The parts book shows the different jack bases. Then you get a bumper jack to fit the base. It was the handles that get confusing. SI still had the handles for the '64-'66 cars still in stock. I stopped at Tom K's last year, but his handles were all in a bucket. No two seemed alike.

          I've never been bitten by a bumper jack. But I understand the theory of failure. Get the bumper jack for show. I like the bottle jack out of a Ford Ranger for practical usage.
          Tom - Bradenton, FL

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            There was a thread in July titled "Jack for 62 Hawk" which documented the use of a (1988??)Monte Carlo jack. These look very secure, and are plentiful and cheap on z-bay. If you put Monte Carlo Jack into the search box - there are some good photos. (And keep the bumper jack for show.)