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  • Original key tag

    Not an important collectible, but when I was cleaning the dashboard on the '52 2R17 I'm trying to restart, I took the keys out of the ignition and buffed 'em up a bit. I noticed a small diamond shaped metal tag on the key ring with the 2 keys (original Studebaker stamping, silver small head keys). It was a bit oxidized, but the tag has the key numbers and is stamped Destroy tag after recording number.
    I thought that was a neat original piece of car bling from 1952.

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    That is neat. You seldom see those little tags. Of course sometimes after all these years when you buy an old car or truck needing restored, the keys themselves are missing too (as happened when I bought my '54).


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      One of our members bought a Scotsman pickup a couple of years ago that had both sets of keys with the tags. We all thought it was a neat find after this many years.

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        that little tag has an important number on it.. The key number that any locksmith should be able to make a key from correct?


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          Yep. When I see if the motor works, I'll take the keys into a locksmith and show them the tag, and get some graphite to loosen up the ignition tumblers. I'll ask them about the numbers.


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            I have one of these as well, except it is for a Champion & I have a Commander:


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              That's an interesting keychain.