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  • Sky Hawk vacuum gauge

    My Sky Hawk has a vacuum gauge in the center of the dash like a Golden Hawk - I thought a former owner had put in a GH dash but I was surfing Bob Johnstone's website today and found another SH with a vacuum gauge. All other Sky Hawks I've seen up until now did not have a vacuum gauge.

    Is there a Sky Hawk expert out there that can give some insight?
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    My Sky Hawk did not have a vacuum gauge either, but it does now. All Hawk dashboards have the cut outs for gauges in the steel behind the engine turned overlay already punched out. The overlay is aluminum and you can use a pocket knife to cut the overlay and fill all the cutouts if you wish with gauges. I cut out for a vacuum gauge and also for the clock since it did not come with a clock. It now has a speedometer, vacuum gauge, tach and clock, in that order.

    Rich Knoblock


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      I am far from being an expert, but check to see if your vac gauge has a neg side to it which would indicate that it is from a 57.58 supercharged hawk..56 Golden Hawk gauge would not have the neg side to it as you know the 56 was not a blown engine Am guessing that someone added the vac gauge to your hawk hope that this helps


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        I used to install a vacuum gauge in every Silver Hawk I've owned. Easy to install in the designated spot in the dash and simple to hook up. Kind of completed the marvelous look of a Hawk dash.


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          It is an option that most were not ordered with.
          However, many have been added, some with the Golden Hawk Supercharger Vacuum/Pressure Gauge, some with the correct Vacuum only gauge, used also in the '56 Golden Hawk as Standard equipment.
          Second Generation Stude Driver,
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            I always used a nice looking aftermarket gauge. The best thing about it was it had a 270 degree needle sweep rather than a 90 or so.