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slightly modified 50 starlight

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  • slightly modified 50 starlight

    Newbie here again
    Well been busy replacing the floors and all four corners.
    Lifted the body and run a 51 chassis beneath it now onto repairing the rear fenders and small areas around the vents on the front ones.
    So I thought I`d post a couple of pics of it`s progressDSCN1242.JPGDSCN1255.JPGDSCN1256.JPG

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    I hope you are using 51 front fenders with the 51 chassis. The wheel base increased in 51, all in front of the cowl. That moved the wheel opening forward a bit and changed the shape of the front of the fender wheel opening.


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      I have both sets of fenders as the doner floor came out of a 51 four door
      Your correct the wheel base is slightly different the rear spring is 1 1/2 different in length to the 50.
      I will offer up the 50 fenders first as they need less work and see what that entails to use them.
      so far all I can see different between the two chassis is that it appears the 51 may have a better turning lock as the roll bars are different and this maybe why the inner 51 fender is different to the 50 ones.
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