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    The guy dropped of the hawk parts that I traded for paint work. I'am thinking most must be nos parts. The hood emblem is in a box that says 1-1358580 Ornament. Endurance built Products. tested and approved by STUDEBAKER parts and service division. Made in the USA printed in the USA. Most of the parts that I've bought as far as chrome stuff seems to be in a plain box and has made in china sticker on the part.

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    That is because you were buying REPRODUCTION PARTS, NOT Original Studebaker Corp. NOS Parts which are sometimes in their original Box or Studebaker Bag/Envelope.

    If this '64 to '66 Hood ornament has Satin (Brushed) Chrome on the Top part of the dual pedestal it is the same as Original Production CARS had, very rare to be that Old of a NOS Part from 1964 before the Mold was worn out and probably the Supplier was changed.

    They also have very Sharply struck "Studebaker" lettering and a FLAT face around them, all edges very sharp unlike the Later SASCO and others Production from that Mold.
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