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    I'm trying to remove the inner door panel from my '61 Hawk. I have everything loose except the window winder. I have the clip out, but the handle will not pull off. The door handle came off with the removal of the clip, but the winder will not move. Anybody have any ideas? I don't want to break anything if I can help it! Thanks- Jim

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    Well it should just pull off if the clips off. Maybe the thing has got seized on because of the 2 different metals , try getting some penetrating oil in there.

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      Originally posted by 2R5 View Post
      try getting some penetrating oil in there.
      Agree; use some PB Blaster with a tube nozzle to get the penetration where you need it and let it soak for a day. Your handle is pot metal and prone to become gaulded to the shaft.
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        Is 'gaulded" a real word, Brad? If so, color me impressed! I think you meant "galling" though. If you look up "gaulding" there is a definition in the Urban Dictionary that describes it as chafing of a man's scrotum by tight-fitting clothing. That may also be relevant in some way, but probably not as directly.
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          Gaulding - Rumour has it that not being able to get a window-winder off can do that to you!


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            If your sure the clip is out completely then wiggle the handle in & out. That should give enough movement to loosen it from the regulator shaft. I've had those clips only partially release & end up sideways in the handle slot when I've thought I had it released. If that is the case it can be a real bugger but be patient. I've had to make a small hook to get that clip & pull it out all the way when the release tool didn't work like I had wanted. Make sure you reinstall the clips in the correct location on reassembly if not for you but for the next guy.
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              Well, had to cut the handle. The PO glued it in place as well as the clip. Looks like the splines are almost gone on the shaft, as well as on the handle. I'm going to try to save the shaft tho. Bump to top-Jim
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