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1987 Avanti Paint ?

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  • 1987 Avanti Paint ?

    Wondering how I could find out the exact paint colors used by the Avanti South Bend factory on the 1987 Avanti I just purchased. The car is painted in a factory two tone paint job, and I imagine the factory could have used any number of colors, from any manufacturers color palettes. I would hope to find the colors used for some very minor touch ups.

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    Most "modern" paint stores and body shops have a scanner that can tell them exactly what the formula is to match it.

    Google turned up this site:


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      I can't help with colors, but I can offer some information on the paint. For 1987 models, Avanti used three color coats of lacquer followed by three coats of clear. Also, each 1987 model came with a pint of the original mix paint. Perhaps you can track down what came with your car when it was delivered new.
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        Take Matt's advice and get someone to scan it if you are looking to touch it up. 20+ YO paint won't be the same color as it was originally. For a total repaint then the paint code should be somewhere on the car or internet or have the trunk or door jamb scanned. Anywhere out of the sun and weather should be close to original. Bob