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'37 interior door handles

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  • '37 interior door handles

    Here I am begging for help again. Today I received my interior door handles and window crank handles back from a chrome shop which shall remain nameless. All were destroyed. Besides polishing before plating to the point that the handles do not resemble the originals, the shop tried to get plating solution residue out of the mounting holes in the door handles and drilled or reamed to the point that the splines were removed. When installed, the handles just spin on the shaft. Totally useless.

    Does anyone have any original '37 door handles with good splines? Will pay your price. The chrome shop is buying.

    I only have 21 days left before the AACA show that I'm trying to get my Coupe-Express ready for. The picture shows a handle on the left with the correct shape (but it also has bad splines) The handle on the right shows how the polishing removed all the flats and angles.

    Thanks. Tomhersheyalso2015 055.jpg

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    This look like what you are looking for? Get in touch if interested.

    Sent you an email 2 days ago at your personal address on an unrelated topic. Did you receive it?

    029 copy.jpg
    Richard Quinn
    Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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      Tom you mention that both door handles (part # 265724W) and window cranks (part # 263200W) were messed up by the plater. Do you need both the window and door handles or just the door handles. I am assuming that these are for your Coupe Express so you need 2 of each? Do you need the four escutheons too (part # 263211W)?


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        Still looking for a pair of interior door handles for my '37 Coupe-Express. I figured that I would bump this thread up again. Jerry Kurtz lent me a pair of handles so I could show the CE at the AACA show in Houma, LA, last month and I'm pleased to report that the truck got its First Junior,, but I need to buy a pair of handles for myself as those borrowed handles have already gone back to Jerry. Thanks. Tom


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          If need be maybe these could be cast with the lost wax process and plated to look original.


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            i think I have some. I will look.
            Still need them?
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