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Trunk paint color, 57 President Classic...also trunk cardboard liner panels....

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  • Trunk paint color, 57 President Classic...also trunk cardboard liner panels....

    Does anyone know the correct gray satin paint color for the trunk interior (including lid interior) for the 57 President, and probably others? Also would like to know if Loga Enterprises, or anyone else could make a complete set of gray cardboard trunk liners, including the side panels, back of rear seat panel, and round panel to cover tire? I believe the engine side of the hood is painted satin black, correct? Thanks!
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    Jack, in Montana

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    Jack the underside of the hoods were Body Color.

    I don't think anyone would have asked LOGA to make a Tire Cardboard, only '59 to '61 Larks had those. Probably no Trunk Side Panels since the Presidents did not have them, but '57-'58 Packards did, so maybe.

    Seat Back panels maybe, you could ask SouthEast Studebaker if they could sell one without their Custom Finish Materials on them in a complete Interior Kit.
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      Check the way the '57 Clippers were done, I believe they had the same trunk liner material (its name escapes me just now) used in cars such as the '57 Lincoln. Its a off-white and black checked pattern. Definitely add sound-deadening material between the trunk and rear seat, just to make driving more pleasant. In general, '50's cars aren't as sound deadened as what we're used to now, but materials to do so have improved greatly and are worth adding when you do the interior.



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        SMS has material for trunks which is close the 57 Clipper is same as senior 56 Packard cars. Ford material is close but not correct for Packard replacement if you are working to be factory original. The color paint or I think more correctly the primer in the trunk is a grey. I had some old industrial primer which was the same color as original which I used on mine.