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  • Always expect the unexpected

    Haven't had much time to fool with the Lark since I got it but yesterday I decided to reinstall the auxiliary tank under the hood so I could move it around. All was going well , tank installed,motor running and I was just getting ready to put it in gear and drive it down the driveway when I suddenly found myself on my back in the back seat. The pin on the door side of the seat back decided to give up the ghost. Could have been worse I could have been moving. You just never know what might be worn out on theses old bombs.

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    If you had recliners it may be that the toggle was replaced with a brass repo.
    These are dangerous because the brass teeth break and the set flops back ,creating a real danger.
    I have seen many of these failures and some have happened while driving and nearly caused crashes.

    Robert Kapteyn


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      A few mentioned their (frightful) experiences here: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...-car-pictures)