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Valve Cover Racers At the Orphan car show in Branson MO. 2015

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  • Valve Cover Racers At the Orphan car show in Branson MO. 2015

    I built five valve cover racers for the Orphan Car Show in Branson this weekend. It was fun building them, and getting them ready. The multi colored one in the picture belongs to my Grand daughter Madison Taylor, she's 16, the black primer one belongs to my son, Brian Taylor, the pink one is Donna Sander's in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, the teal one is my wife Wanda's, in honor of Uterine Cancer, and mine is the Plain Brown Wrapper. I wanted to build a gasser, and I know this isn't a gasser, but when I took it to have the lettering, etc. put on it, he said it needed a name. So, we came up with the Plain Brown Wrapper. This is all hand painted, no decals. Our sponsor that furnished wheels and bearing is TCK Skate Shop in Nixa. Wanda took 2nd place, I got 3rd and Madison took 4th.
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    Dusty Taylor

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    Pretty neat. That hand painting is amazing


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      The valve cover races were entertaining. Lots of goofs and wise cracks. Fun all around.
      I was going to build a racer, but ran out of time. After looking at the racers this year I will be better prepared if I build one.
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      "In the heart of Arkansas."
      Searcy, Arkansas
      1952 Commander 2 door. Really fine 259.
      1952 2R pickup


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        It looks like the Upper Mississippi Valley Zone is ready to rumble at the International Meet!!

        Charlie D.


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          All we need is a track out there & someone to oversee it! I will bring two racers from Iowa... IF there will be races run (number 77 which first ran in Spokane & number 43 which has yet to run).