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    I'm not sure what you mean by that title. ??
    "In the heart of Arkansas."
    Searcy, Arkansas
    1952 Commander 2 door. Really fine 259.
    1952 2R pickup


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      I was having good luck hunting Studebakers.



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        The 56 Champion has been on several Craigslist site for a few months now. It started at $10,000 and now is down to $6,500. Just thought if anyone was interested they should know that tidbit.

        Bob Miles
        Tucson AZ


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          Originally posted by 52-fan View Post
          I'm not sure what you mean by that title. ??
          For many of us, the title could easily have been..."In another Galaxy...Far Far Away"...

          Poor fella with the wagon needs a bit of a reality check.
          John Clary
          Greer, SC

          SDC member since 1975


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            The 56 says upgraded to 12 volt. Weren't they 12 volt from the factory in 56?
            Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

            40 Champion 4 door*
            50 Champion 2 door*
            53 Commander K Auto*
            53 Commander K overdrive*
            55 President Speedster
            62 GT 4Speed*
            63 Avanti R1*
            64 Champ 1/2 ton

            * Formerly owned


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              Yes they were. Packard used a 12 volt Positive Ground system in 55, Negative ground in 56 and Studebaker used Autolite on the Champions, Delco Remy on Commanders and Presidents. First time I saw the ad months ago he mentioned that "fact". Sometimes I guess it is supposed to ad "Value" to the car by mentioning things that have been done to the car.

              Bob Miles
              Tucson AZ


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                I have seen the '56 from Bakersfield/Reedley. Very nice chrome. New paint. Seems like a very nice driver. Some gauges taped over? A few things on the interior need attention (handles). Did not inspect for body-work issues. Looks like started with a nice original, and made it a little better.
                (read it backwards)

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                  Looks like the '56 wagon might be a President Pinehurst.