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    Spent 5 hours in a Studebaker boneyard looking at the cars thinking how nice it must have been when they were still on the road.
    Not sure that counts
    Mono mind in a stereo world


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      The Los Angeles chapter met with the Beach Cities Orange and Inland Empire chapter as we have for the past 4 or 5 years. Between both chapters we had about 30 Studebakers of all years and we all had a great time!
      Howard - Los Angeles chapter SDC
      '53 Commander Starliner (Finally running and driving, but still in process)
      '56 Golden Hawk (3 speed/overdrive, Power steering - Running, but not yet driving)
      '62 GT Hawk (4 speed, A/C, Power steering - running and DRIVING!)


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        I took my wife out to a Coco's nearby for lunch in the 62 Champ. I tried to get ahold of a friend to join us in his 62 Cruiser but I guess we played phone tag instead.

        I've noticed for some time now that there is no mention of meetings for the Inland Empire or Beach Cities chapters in Turning Wheels. It's too bad I didn't know of the group meeting Howard, otherwise I could have made arrangements to meet y'all.
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          Originally posted by ddub View Post
          We had 13 show up for our gathering at McDonalds, 10 Studes, 2 Packards and a 40 Ford who saw us parked with us.
          We had an absolute FABULOUS time, great people and cars.
          Don Watson
          61 Hawk


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            My brother and I had our Studes in Branson for the Orphan car Show. Lots of our members and other folks.
            It is so nice to hit a stretch with a passing lane and watch the late model cars try to pass me in this Commander.
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            Searcy, Arkansas
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              The Tri-Spokes Chapter had our monthly meeting at the Kiwanis club car show in Concord New
              Hampshire which this year happened to fall on IDYSD. The chapter has supported the show for
              over 25 years and they give us our own parking area and we are allowed to arrange parking any
              way we wish. We had 27 Studebakers, the oldest being a 1916 bus. A great time was had by all.


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                The skies were filled with smoke but we got five Studes together for a run up to Williams California where we met up with 2 more.

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                Jon Stalnaker
                Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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                  Click image for larger version

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                  The Iowa Hawkeye Chapter met up in Coralville, Ia for lunch. After lunch we met up with the Big 6 River Bend Chapter at the Antique Car Museum of Iowa. 17 cars in total.


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                    My Wagonaire is still in my shop but I drove the wife's hawk all day. We live in a small town so folks here are use to seeing a Studebaker running around but I made a couple of trips to surrounding towns and the Hawk did, as usual, attract a lot of attention and conversation every where I stopped.Click image for larger version

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                      Click image for larger version

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                      The Mohawk Chapter has a gathering planned for 2:00 at Guptils arena on rt. 9 Latham NY. With rain forecasted for the afternoon it's kind of a wait and see deal. I took my '54 out to gas up and get ready, and ran into this! Evidently the rain didn't know it wasn't supposed to arrive until later! Anyway, I got to test the wipers and defroster, they were up to the job.
                      Update, just checked with Ken Hayes, it's a go for this afternoon.
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                        The Northwest Chapter went on the second annual Portland Volcano Tour but we went off on our own to the WAAAM in Hood River, Oregon. They were having their annual vintage airplane fly-in plus they have a great museum filled with planes and automobiles. It is about a 200 mile round trip but the '55 never complained. The WAAAM needs to be on everybody's bucket list. We had a great time with friends. Even had a co-worked and her boyfriend fly their plane in from Hillsboro, Oregon to join us.
                        Ed Sallia
                        Dundee, OR

                        Sol Lucet Omnibus


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                          I spent Friday fitting and installing my carpet, then installing the doors and finally the front seat with the seat belts - it was a long day. Saturday (yesterday) I made a test drive to my neighbor's house (about 1/2 mile) for the annual gearhead barbecue, some younger guys, but a surprising number with grey hair, tuner types, primarily Mazda RX-7s, with a few Nissans and BMWs, but only one Studebaker. The young lady in the one photo is a serious gearhead, works as a mechanic for the local Audi dealer, drives a 240SX with a Skyline motor she installed herself.

                          I still have plenty of work to do on the various details, but now it looks pretty much like a Studebaker.

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Trying to build a 48 Studebaker for the 21st century.
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                            Rain poured down in buckets all day yesterday but, I tried to make up for it today. Had all three on the road to somewhere.

                            "All attempts to 'rise above the issue' are simply an excuse to avoid it profitably." --Dick Gregory

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                              A few of us got together for lunch in New Lenox Illinois.
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                                Rained all day yesterday. Was planning to take the '64 out for a run as I was scheduled to swap cars from one garage to another. I finally did manage the switch today. My '37 Olds was rained on but my '64 stayed dry. Short drive but enjoyable. If you buy Steve Grant"s Studebaker calendar you can see a picture of my '55 taken between rain showers at last years IDYSD. Seems I caught the rain both years.
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