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An odd Studie convertible, anyone else see it??

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  • An odd Studie convertible, anyone else see it??

    In 1953-4 I went to a NASCAR race at Darlington S.C... This was during the time AAA and NASCAR was having it out and France scheduled an open wheel speedway car race in retaliation to AAA... Needless to say open wheel speedway cars were not in NASCAR's interest after a poor showing..

    There was a 1953 Stude convertible in the infield brought in as a show car.. The car had a let down hard top(quite cumbersome) that sat back over the rear deck.. The rear quarter panels were extended about a foot and encompassed the laydown continental type spare tire.. The car, if I remember correctly was black over red..

    Am I the only one that has seen this car?? Even then, I thought that somebody had really messed up a beautiful Starlite coupe..
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    I was still kicking my Mom that year (from the inside)...
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