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Studebaker X 6: 2016 Hemmings Calendars

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  • Studebaker X 6: 2016 Hemmings Calendars

    We in Studebaker-land scored well with Studebakers being represented for one month on each of FIVE of the 2016 Hemmings Publications Calendars:

    Studebakers are among the twelve vehicles featured in The Abandoned Autos Calendar, The Vintage Trucks Calendar, The Hemmings Classic Car Calendar (Pre-WWII cars), The Cars of the 50s Calendar, and The Cars of the 60s Calendar.

    Although we aren't represented on The Muscle Cars calendar, I say that's OK. Matthew Wendt's gorgeous Bordeaux Red 1964 Super Hawk is among Cars of The 60s, and I'm sure more people will buy that calendar than will buy the Muscle Car calendar. And we have two trucks among on the Trucks calendar! Woo-hoo!

    Click on each individual calendar in the above link to see which vehicles are featured. The 1959 4X4 truck is especially imposing; 'love it.

    Cool beans. BP
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