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Just bought my first Studebaker and trying to get it ready for inspection, really basic questions

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  • Just bought my first Studebaker and trying to get it ready for inspection, really basic questions

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    I bought a 62 Lark Wagon.

    First; is the parking break the large "T" handle to the right steering column? If it is and I am not a complete idiot; how far should it travel? All my other "much younger" cars travel much more. The ratchet on the handle looks to be only a inch long. I could be doing it all wrong. turn pull turn release? I should call previous owner but decided to give ya'll a taste of the questions to come.

    Thanks again


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    First of all Welcome to the forum!!!

    Yes, the hand brake is to the right of the steering column & should have a black plastic "T" handle about 4" wide. It should come out about 3-4 inches to set the emergency brake. I also suggest you go to the club homepage here & read the article on what you should do when you first own a Studebaker. It will give you valuable information on what to look for & what is acceptable & not so good for your safety. Any questions you might have just ask. The only dumb question is one you don't ask.
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      If the Cable adjustment under the car at the "Y" separator to go to the left and right wheel, is WAY out of adjustment the handle shaft could come up and to you a good distance maybe 6 or 7 inches, but normally more like 3-4 inches.

      If it only moves an inch the cable is likely all bunched up under the car or at the Firewall and jammed or it adjusted WAY too tight.

      To apply, pull straight up, to release turn a 1/4 turn clockwise to the right, a spring that SHOULD be under the car, helps pull it back in.
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        Thanks for the information.

        Warren thanks for the link.

        StudeRich, That was the information I was looking for. Thank you very much I'm guessing the problem is the Spring in not pulling the pulling it back in or it is missing.


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          you can use a generic spring from the local hardware store until you get the correct replacement from a Stude vendor (if they have it). Correct adjustment for a Lark if I recall is: 4 pull-clicks from fully released position and adjustment (Y-separator) tightened till a good drag is on both rear wheels. Make sure the wheels spin with it released (obviously the car's rear is in the air)...GL