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  • A Friend Looking For A Project Car

    My buddy Bob is looking for a 1964-1966 2-door sedan for a project car. '65-'66 cars will be more on target, but a '64 will work. He's building up a performance Chevy 6 cylinder and needs a car to toss if into. He'd prefer as little rust a possible. An ideal candidate would be a clean car with a blown 230 in it. He was looking at Camaros and Novas, but I convinced him to check out some Studebakers.

    As mentioned, 2-door sedans are ideal. Wagons are also in the mix. No four doors need apply.
    Tom - Bradenton, FL

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    Here was a link to a post that I posted a little bit back, may be too far away:


    Last I heard he was open to offers. Good luck.
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