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Can someone help me identify this Studebaker cabinet?

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  • Can someone help me identify this Studebaker cabinet?

    Can anyone help me find out what this cabinet was for? It measure 7' High x 2' wide. Has clasps on the side for closing. Opens up into 3 different parts.

    Thank you for your help
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    My bet is on someone who had Studebakers in his home Garage or a Studebaker Dealership, Garage or other involved in Studebakers person, stuck that Decal on a generic Gasket Cabinet before they got involved in BMW's.

    I suppose it is also "Possible" that Studebaker did Market these Gasket Cabinets to some of their "very involved" Dealers.

    Did this come from an Authorized Studebaker Dealer? It is the '63-'66 Logo.

    UPDATE: On the left edge about a third of the way down on Pic #1 I can read 536555 which is a '51 to early 1960 V8 Valve Cover Gasket, so this may very well be a Studebaker Marketed Gasket Cabinet, or at least one modified for Studebaker Shop use.

    Can you read the white, faint lettering above and below the Stude. Logo? That whited out name MAY be it's True origin.
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      Agree with Rich. That decal came in a set of about 20 different decals of various sizes that were provided to dealers when the company adopted the red, white, and blue logo and the modern, sans-serif lettering in 1962. I have used up several sets over the years decorating my tool cabinets. Studebaker Intl may still be selling some leftover sets, and sells reproductions of some of the individual decals.
      Skip Lackie