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  • Avanti 2 value ?

    Hi Group -
    I came across a 1977 Avanti 2 for sale that peaked my interest. It has under 50K original miles, and is like a time machine back to the 70's for color and style. Kind of a mustard yellow metallic, and matching crushed velour seats and shag carpets. It doesn't appear to have ever been modified in any way whatsoever. Runs good and everything works. The price they are asking is $14,500. seems reasonable assuming the hog troughs check out. The paint was kind of dull, not much shine. The interior was in really good shape, and really wild. Any opinions? High? Low?
    Buckeye, Arizona

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    $10,000 plus or minus $2000, assuming not rusty. Not much demand for that time period and interior/exterior combination. It is a "polluted" 350.
    Gary L.
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      if the underbody checks out - as well as runs, drives and stops as it should - the price is probably not out of line. i'd offer maybe $12K.

      it's really not "my cup of tea". for a car show, get a small Disco Ball hanging off the rear view mirror, a 8-track of Disco Music and wear a "period correct" lime green leisure suit.
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        Here's a 76 that went for $8100 on Ebay

        And a 75 that went for $7000

        So compare the one you are looking at to them. There are a few more on Ebay completed sales if you need more info. The price you quoted is getting into darn nice 63/64 R1 money.

        But as always, your money your choice. They are great cars to drive and show, just ask the man that owns a couple. Bob
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          What was the serial number?
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            Agree with the above appraisals -- value seems closer to $10-12K. About 15 years ago I paid $14K for a 74 with 60K miles, new paint, and complete maintenance records. The interior was restrained for the 1970s (if you could ignore the shag carpet) -- just brownish vinyl in nice condition. The hog troughs still had paint on them. I paid a premium price for it because it had a 4-speed, which I had been looking for. In the decade or so since I bought it, its value may have crept up to $15K.

            The above said, they are great drivers, with all the visual appeal of the original Avantis. Mechanically they're just a Chevy -- though things like wiring can be a challenge to decode. Looks like a good buy if you can get it for a reasonable price.
            Skip Lackie


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              I didn't note the serial number. It was one of those situations where I came across it not even looking for an Avanti, or any car, really. My Wife and I were cracking up over the bordello looking interior.

              Talked to the guy for a few minutes, got his phone # and moved on. It stuck in my mind and several hours later I started thinking that Hmm, that might be kind of fun to own! I am surprised at the values, especially the silver one in the ebay add mentioned above. The fact that this one is so original and so low miles makes it interesting to me. The groovy color and interior kind of fits! It's about an hour away from me, I might see how I feel about it by the end of the week and go give it a good inspection.
              Buckeye, Arizona

              1960 Hawk R2 4 speed project


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                I am surprised at the values
                Avanti II have always been maybe the best value in an almost-a-Studebaker driver. The mechanics are improved, but since the styling is a few love it and most don't, the prices have remained dirt-cheap for what you get.

                jack vines


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                  Just returned from a road trip in our '83 and you can't wipe the grin off my face. You will get tons of


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                    Originally posted by studegary View Post
                    $10,000 plus or minus $2000, assuming not rusty. Not much demand for that time period and interior/exterior combination. It is a "polluted" 350.
                    Well Hey, it's a BIG improvement over the Plastic Bumper Car option with even worse HP, 305 c.i.d. Engines!

                    I LIKE that '77, BUT; for about $12,000.00 and minus the front energy absorbing bumper guards.
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                      I was at a cruise in Morris IL last Saturday night and a olive green 87 Avanti with an open sunroof was on display and listed for sale, $15,000 or best offer. I was not a fan of the color, though everything looked to be in good shape. I agree with above assessments that around 10 K might be a better price for the 77. The 87 I saw would probably be fairly priced in the same range.