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  • Louisville Street Rod Nationals

    managed to sneak down to the Nationals for a few hours (whew it was hot!) lots and lots of things Brand X, only saw a handful of Studes---here they areIMG_20150808_164003.jpgIMG_20150808_163620 (1).jpgIMG_20150808_163754.jpgIMG_20150808_151525662_HDR.jpgIMG_20150808_163716.jpgIMG_20150808_154407301.jpg

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    Nice pics, thanks for posting.

    I have not been involved with street rods in a number of years, so forgive my ignorance on this. But, when did they start allowing cars newer than 1948 at the Street Rod Nationals?
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      probably when the muscle car surge came in to place, it was raised to 1962 quite a few years ago and then it was "game on," after that, I'm sure profitability driven.


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        I only live about 40 miles from there (Lou. fairgrounds), usually go every year, but did not make it this time. More kool cars than a person can see in a week, even if you rented a golf cart to cover more territory in.


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          Why did you have to "...sneak down..."? Isn't it open to the public, probably for a fee (or do you have to be a NSRA member)?
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            I've been a member of NSRA since 80's, although I didn't go this year. They raised the date to 1984 a few years ago. The nationals are open to the public.


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              Just another car show if you ask me, I quit the NSRA when they opened it to 84 , Love all, but don't drive to a Street Rod Nationals to park by a Granada! Thanks for sharing pictures, Some nice looking Studebakers!
              Randy Wilkin
              1946 M5 Streetrod
              Hillsboro,Ohio 45133


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                Originally posted by studegary View Post
                Why did you have to "...sneak down..."? Isn't it open to the public, probably for a fee (or do you have to be a NSRA member)?
                I suspect his comment had to do with getting out of the house rather than getting in the show.
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                  Actually I was working on a Construction site, my Project Engineer had the reins for "small burst," We have been working 7 days a week, 14 hours a day to complete this project in a 6 month time frame--- I'm definitely getting too old for this, 1 more year until retirement!