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1957 Commander on C/L for $4200

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  • 1957 Commander on C/L for $4200

    This looks like a pretty clean Commander.

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    Although it is the least-desirable 1957 Commander (a Commander Custom 4-door sedan), at least it is a Commander. If there has never been any more surface (or other) rust than what is seen on the trunk floor, it could be a pretty cool cruiser. Doesn't have overdrive, apparently.

    'Could be a pretty nice car. BP
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      This Car had a pretty through restoration in the '70's as he says, it even appears to have a "New" top of the line "Regal" AC-2861 Side View Mirror !

      Someone spent a Lot of Money to get it to Minn. from Calif., I believe we saw it in Northern Calif. years ago.
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