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    Hello. I tell them what I know about the pick up 7E9 in Argentina. The 7E9 were produced exclusively for export and one of the countries to which it was exported (unarmed) was Argentina. The "Special Champ" as called this pick up in Argentina is manufactured on the chassis Lark, but on the frame of "heavy duty", which was used in taxis and convertible cars. This chassis was used because it is more reinforced than the standard, The pick up 7E9 were assembled in Argentina with a high percentage of parts manufactured in USA and a minimum percentage of local production parts. The vehicles were sold without your rear bed, this bed was offered as an option and they provided domestic producers directly to the assembly of Studebaker called Los Cedros S.A.
    At least we know two models of beds that were used between 1961 and 1964.
    Although today much information is lost, we are many enthusiasts who try to reconstruct the history.
    In picture 1 last bed 1964.
    In the second and third picture, (My Special Champ) the bed similar to Ford bed, but not the same, this is smaller and its moldings and interior are completely different. Round taillights national production were used and also the same oval used by Ford and manufactured in Argentina
    In the fourth photo is a copy of a sales brochure in Argentina where we can see that the 7E9 was called "Special Champ"
    If you like, I invite you to visit my personal page[/IMG]

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    I wonder if any made it back to the States? How many were made all together?
    I'd rather be driving my Studebaker!



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      NATALIOV, welcome to the forum. Thank you for sharing the information. You have no need to apologize, your English is much better than my Spanish.
      Mark L


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        Thank you Mark L... Regards from ARGENTINA.


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          Originally posted by wlfrench View Post
          I wonder if any made it back to the States? How many were made all together?
          Hello, excuse me, I speak very little English, you're wondering what were the quantities manufactured? and if you 7E9 returned to States?
          I have an article here where the quantities produced from Transtars, 7E7 and 7E9 are detailed. regards


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            Thanks for letting us know about your 7E9! I'm glad to hear some have survived.

            The following excerpts are from the Stude truck history on the main SDC website.

            "1961 Champ models accounted for more than 80% of 6E production, with 6592 units. Exports increased substantially to almost 40% of Champ sales, with 4108 sold domestically in the U.S. and 2484 exported (including to Canada). However, the export numbers were increased by including 1081 CKD model 6E9 export-only lightweight trucks in the Champ totals. The 6E9 used the Lark front sheet metal and bumper and the Champ T4 cab mounted on the V8 taxi/heavy-duty sedan chassis. Pickup beds were to be fabricated locally in the country ordering them."

            "Local 5 of the United Auto Workers struck Studebaker for 38 days in January and February 1962, so a number of firm orders were lost and production was delayed. 7E truck production ended on July 13, 1962. Despite the strike, total 7E-series production (not including the 39 trucks counted in 6E production totals) was up 14% to 8703 units (6807 B/U and 1896 CKD). Champ sales again led the way with 6749 units built (5517 for domestic U.S. sale), plus another 576 CKD model 7E9-model trucks for export."

            Skip Lackie


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              Nataliov, I really like the pickup bed/box in your second and third pictures. Looks great. Very stylish and well proportioned to the cab. Much better than the USA beds. Very cool trucks! Thanks for sharing with us.