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38 Commander 6 Engine - What to save?

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  • 38 Commander 6 Engine - What to save?

    Put a 245 1950 Commander 6 in my 38 Coupe, and have saved the original engine but have a second spare from a parts car that I do not have room for. Does anyone need this engine or something from it? Let me know if you want or need anything? Will be sending intake/exhaust manifold to member in need and have saved accessories but would like suggestions on what else to save if no one wants engine.

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    On a Commander Six that old, the best move is to save it All. But I guess in your case it has to be someone else that has a possible future need and the BIG one, the space to properly store it.
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      What is the difference between the two engines?
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        Others will know more but from what I have read. 1950 was 245 cubic inches vs 227 for 1938. Done by stroked crank. Rods are different as 1950 is insert bearings and may well have different pins. Water pumps and crank pulley are different, but I think valve train is the same.