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Need help with info on 1954 3/4 3R 2WD Pickup1)

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  • Need help with info on 1954 3/4 3R 2WD Pickup1)

    Hello, I am a new member here and getting to close to buying a 1954 3R 3/4 TN pickup. I have my shop manual and parts catalog but need help with 2 things right now:
    1) Who was the OEM supplier for tires in '54? And what size tires went on this truck?
    2) Besides the 2 books I have, what other resources are avaiable to help restore this truck?
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    Congratulations on your purchase. The 3R trucks were only made for about eight months, and are among the rarest Stude truck models. Many consider the 54 and 55 trucks Studebaker's prettiest. They are unique in several ways: (1) It is a transition year, and is the only series that combines the one-piece windshield used through 1964 with the small rear window used since 1949; (2) One-year-only headlight rims and parking light bezels (that are hard to find).

    The tire sizes available were: 6.50 x 16, 7.00 x 16, and 7.50 x 16. I don't ever recall seeing any definitive info regarding the OEM tire supplier, but Firestone provided inserts for Stude truck data books during that period, so that would be a good bet. However, buyers could specify any brand with a firm order.

    There were several 1954-only pieces of sales literature, and they come up for sale on ebay now and then. There is a 3R-series track data book, but they are pretty rare. The Sep and Nov 2014 issues of Turning Wheels have lengthy articles on the 3R trucks. And info on how the 3Rs fit into Stude's truck history can be found in chapter 9 here:
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      ...are the windshields interchangeable to 1958 (non-Champs)??


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        Originally posted by jackb View Post
        ...are the windshields interchangeable to 1958 (non-Champs)??
        Yes, through 1964 on C-cabs.
        Skip Lackie


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          Congrats on your '54 3R10/11. IMHO, it's the best-looking of all the C-cabs. If Studebaker had offered a V8, that's what I'd be driving today. The '55 is a very close second in looks, so the E12 has been my truck of choice for the past thirty-five years. That my grandfather drove a '55 E5 probably influenced my opinion somewhat.

          Which engine and transmission has your truck?

          jack vines


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            Thanks for the help, I will post some pictures once we get started on the restoration.