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Studebakers at French Lake Auto Parts Junk Yard

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  • Studebakers at French Lake Auto Parts Junk Yard

    I haven't been to French Lake auto parts since the late 70's, so I decided to go back today to see what they had in Studebakers. They had about a dozen or so, and most were 1947 to 1952, but they had a 53 and a 55. The 55 had dual underseat heaters. The bad thing is they remove the wheels and let the cars rest on dirt, so the chance of me finding good rear springs for my 1950 Champion were very poor. They did have some Starlite Coupes with good rear window glass and trim. The most common Stude was the 1950 Champions, but the interiors and sheet metal were mostly all shot. They did have some hard parts like engines, generators, rear ends, etc.

    All I picked up was a plain hub cap, rusty oil cap, very rusty tire iron, and a rusty arm rest. What do you think they wanted for these 4 parts?
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      Originally posted by t walgamuth View Post
      You must live on the rich side of town. LOL

      I expected them to say $20, and thought that would be plenty, but they said $60. They did settle for $40 cash. This is the highest priced yard I've ever delt with.

      Windy Hill in New London, Minnesota has much better prices, but I heard they crushed many of their antique cars when the kids took over from their dad. I haven't been there since about 1997, but should stp back to see what they have left. They did have some 1950 Studebakers with very nice front fenders when I was there in the late 90's.


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        There'll be a driving tour to French Lake on Friday, July 17 during the Upper Mississippi Valley Zone Meet in Annandale, MN just 8.6 miles away.
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          One of the reason for going to the yard yesterday was to take detail pictures to help me keep my Champion as close to factory as possible. Unfortunately most of what I wanted to take pictures of, and other details, have long disappeared. It was nice to see some complete engines, carbs, and air cleaners still available though, as well as some good Starlite glass and trim.


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            Sounds like a nice show. I will try to make it.


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              I went back to French Lake Auto Parts yesterday. I rode along with my neighbor who needed a few things for his new 1950 Champion. I picked up a spare generator and carb for my 1950 Champion. I used gas to remove most of the old dried gas and dirt and the carb looks pretty nice. The generator tag looks mint, so that will be the generator I restore for my car, and I'll keep the other one as a spare. I also picked up a better oil fill cap, as the one I bought there a month ago had a couple small dents I didn't notice. The arm rest shown in the first picture I was able to restore to mint condition, but the hub cap and oil cap weren't worth taking home.

              The weeds have sure grown up around the Studebakers there over the past month, and I also saw a couple empty spots where a couple Studes must have been removed and crushed. I think one of them was a 1950 Starlite Coupe. Sure hate to see that, and it's a warning that if you need parts, you better not wait too long. I did see 3 oil bath air cleaners in the front seat of one of the Studes.


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                French Lake has been selling parts on ebay & I just received a very nice 47-9 turn signal sw at a price that would make a CASO happy.
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