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Accessories for 53 c cab truck

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  • Accessories for 53 c cab truck

    Does anyone know where to get a list of all the accessories that you could get on 53 C cab truck

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    I have all the 2950 truck accesories , I pretty sure there was no cha
    nges until 54 ..... PM me and I'll send a list

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      There was a small accessories catalog published every year for trucks. They come up on ebay now and then. Most 2R truck accessories remained unchanged throughout the whole 49-53 period. (Two that did change: radios and directional signals.) The 49-56 truck parts book lists MOST accessories in the appropriate section. However, that book was published in 1956 and does not list some of the earliest (1949) accessories, especially if no component parts were available any more and later versions of the same item were offered. It also does not list radios or a few of the appearance-only accessories, like door handle guards.

      Stude also published an annual page-size listing of all accessories currently available for current and prior year vehicles. And Fred Fox's articles in TW always list all accessories, with pictures of the most important ones. I don't have access to my magazines right now, so can't tell you in which issue the 2R trucks were discussed.
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        The issue of Turning Wheels Skip mentioned you will need to look for is the June, 1985 edition. This features Fred Fox's article covering the 2R trucks, as well as pictures of many available accessories. You might also want to seek out the February 2002 issue of Collectable Automobile Magazine, which has an excellent article by our own Richard Quinn on Studebaker's R-series trucks - and features a picture of my truck too!

        As Skip stated, the accessory brochure contains a listing and pictures of a number of available extras; radios spotlights, extra taillights, fog lights, grille guards, rear bumpers, cigar lighters, gravel guards, wheel trim rings, and so on.

        If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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          Thanks for all the help .
          I'm having my truck restored, my grandfather bought it new and gave it to me several years age before he passed. So I'm the second owner.
          So I'm trying to find some of the accessories and add to it while it's being done .


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            Some items that were technically accessories, like the right-hand arm rest and sun visor, were very common. Some, like fog lights and bumper guards, were very rare and it might be years before you see a set. Be aware that the trucks shared the same radio as Stude cars, though some radios fit more than one year of vehicle. The installation kits for the trucks are radios-specific (not year-specific), so a 51/52 truck installation kit will not fit a 53-54 radio. If you plan on keeping the truck for a long time, I strongly recommend that you purchase a copy of the 49-56 truck parts book and the 2R series shop manual. They're available as both paper reprints and on CD, and originals come up on ebay all the time. As noted above, the parts book will give you a good start of identifying accessories.
            Skip Lackie


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              Here's a scan of part of the 2R accessories brochure.

              Skip Lackie