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Vernon BC Studebaker Dealer?

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  • Vernon BC Studebaker Dealer?

    So this guy follows me in the Studebaker yesterday for the better part of 20mins. Pull over into the local supermarket lot and he spends a whole lot of time checking out the car and goes at length telling me about how his Dad owned the Studebaker/Renault dealership in Vernon British Columbia. When I enquire about the name of the dealership he stumbles for a few seconds and then blurts out 'Peters'. Don't know if he was BS-ing me, or if he had a brain-fart. Can anyone confirm that name? Thanks, Junior

    ps...get home and realize that I forgot to offer him one of the TW issues that I keep in my trunk for folks who are interested in Studebakers...oh well
    1954 C5 Hamilton car.

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    Sorry, I just checked Bob Johnstone's list of dealers (from the SDC Home page Resources tab "other valuable" links,
    then at the bottom under more valuable links).
    (Scroll down the page until you get to the British Columbia listings) didn't see anything for Vernon, BC. But that doesn't
    mean there could have been 1 (or a very small dealer) at some point in time.


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      Several BC dealers partnered with Datsun. Have you tried that avenue?


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        Try contacting someone in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada local of the SDC. I believe Vernon is in their area.
        I'd rather be driving my Studebaker!