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1963 Hawk GT in Priest River Idaho

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  • 1963 Hawk GT in Priest River Idaho

    I saw this listed in Craig's List:
    Mark L

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    Close enough for Mr. Steinkamp to do a little "Lark Shine" magic on and then flip for a tidy sum.
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      No, Idaho is not close to Seattle by a long shot. States are BIG out west!
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        What kind of wheels are those on the car?


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          looks like Magnum 500's cheers jimmijim
          Originally posted by JoeHall View Post
          What kind of wheels are those on the car?
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            I've seen that car in Priest River for the past ten years. Last I saw, easily worth $4,000 IMHO, but I don't think there's a big profit to be made in flipping it.

            The seller advertised it in the local area craigslist a couple of times, but doesn't give enough details to get the CASOs here excited. Now, it's being flogged over on the wet side.

            jack vines


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              It does look like it might be a very nice car to have, but unfortunately a lot of people don't know how to show good pictures and give a good description of what they want to sell. They have poor lighting, no engine, underbody, and no trunk pictures, etc. I've even seen a craiglist ad with no email and no phone number given. About half the craigslist ads I email a reply to never get back to me. Even if they simply said sold, that would at least let a person know what's going on. Or better yet, when the item is sold, just pull the ad.