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North Star SDC Get The Cars Out Event

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  • North Star SDC Get The Cars Out Event

    We had our Get The Cars Out Event today rain held off and weather was Ok and a fair turn out.
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    More photo's
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      So does this mean that Spring has finally sprung in Minnesota? Great looking bunch of cars and trucks.
      Joe Roberts
      '61 R1 Champ
      '65 Cruiser
      Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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        Yep, driving season if finally here in Minnesota.
        Listening to another Stude owner today I found out he has the identical problem that has baffled me. The carb is bone dry after the car sets for a couple days. He and I had the carbs in the house this winter to do leak checks, and not one drop leaked out, so we know it has to be engine heat evaporating the gas. I never had this problem in hot El Paso, Texas, where I bought and drove 3 Studebakers for 3 years during the late 60's and early 70's. Maybe the lead helped. Anyway my electric fuel pump has solved the problem for now.


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          Good to see you guys there. Sorry I had to leave early (and miss the chicken) but I had another commitment back up north. Pioneer Park was really neat and Classic Rides & Rods will be a great venue for the Upper Mississippi Valley Zone Meet, July 17-18-19.
          Bob Shaw
          Rush City, Minnesota
          1960 Hawk -
          "The farther I go, the behinder I get."