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Do Any Studebaker Books Have Color Pictures?

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  • Do Any Studebaker Books Have Color Pictures?

    I have several Studebaker books but they are all black and white. Today I just recieved my "Studebaker Buyer's Guide" that I bought off ebay. I thought this was going to have color pictures, but it's also just black and white. I'm especially interested in post war Studebakers. Are there any good Studebaler books with color pictures? Thanks, Tom

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    Collectible Automobile has featured just about every year or series Studebaker from 1930 thru 1966 and beyond and the articles run 12-14 pages with lots of color. I know in the 13 articles I did for them each was supplemented with at least 30 photos including a combination of original factory b-w and currently restored vehicles in color. These back issues are available thru Ebay.
    Richard Quinn
    Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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      This raises the old question about the existence of the "P" series of Studebaker manuals regarding paint ( i.e. "P-6200" was supposed to be the color description of all painted parts for 1962).

      Peter Bishop
      Northeast Zone


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        I would suggest the original ads in National Geographic, or if you budget allows, original sales brochures.



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          "Studebaker The Complete Story" by Cannon and Fox has a center section with about a dozen color plates. "Studebaker The Complete History" by Patrick Foster has many color photos. Color has become much cheaper in recent years, so it's only the newest books that have a lot of color.
          Skip Lackie


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            GOOD NEWS, I just recieved my latest Studebaker book, titled "STUDEBAKER the COMPLETE HISTORY". It's a hard cover and has lots of nice color pictures on quality gloss paper. The author is Patrick Foster, and the book has 192 pages. It looks like it will be a book that would make a nice birthday or Christmas present for that Studebaker fan.