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Cool Finland Car Show T-Shirt

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  • Cool Finland Car Show T-Shirt

    'Neat T-Shirt from friend Pekka in Finland, sold by the club to which he belongs to promote their annual car show last year:

    The Original American Car Show by Finnish Hot Rod Association.

    'Prolly one of the few such shirts in the 'states; looks like our Finnish brethren know a classic American design when they see one.

    The tag says it was Made in HERGESTELLT IN, but I doubt the IN represents Indiana. (Thanks, Pekka...) BP
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    That is Sean's car. "Rooneytoons"

    And yep it's a nice one!

    He's practically famous!!!



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      Thanks Bob. Sean's ( "Rooneytoons") Bulletnose did get a lot of attention at the Helsinki Show in 2014. His Bulletnose had also a very well equipped trunk with a generous toolbox as I needed some help to fix an unexpected issue with my Lark ( hidden there behind Sean's car). Sean's Bulletnose did not only get into the T-Shirts but also got some very nice media coverage.

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      1960 Lark VIII Regal convertible - 1964 Daytona Wagonaire


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        Bob, You can wear yours to St. Louis this summer!... The best I can do is wear a Canadian show shirt.