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My Doctor NOT Sympathetic to Studebaker Work.

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  • My Doctor NOT Sympathetic to Studebaker Work.

    Just got back from my six week checkup after the heart surgery. Good news is I have made great progress. On the other side, he tells me I am doing too much too quick. I need to cut my work day back to 4 or 5 hours a day and I still have 5 months of no pushing, pulling or lifting. Very limited on driving trips and hardly any manual labor. I must however walk each day a certain uninterrupted amount. Saying all this, I wish I could work on my Stude, BUT, I Thank The LORD, I am alive.

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    Every day you wake up sucking air you've cheated the Grim Reaper out of another one. Enjoy life and watch the sun rise every morning.
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      Flashback best do somewhat as the doctor says. Mine told me no heavy lifting for 6-8 weeks after my colon surgery and I shoveled snow after about 4 weeks and paid for it in pain for a week.


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        When I was recovering from surgery I just went out to the garage and dinked around just as an excuse to admired the car without working on it. Oh, I did clean the chrome and stainless on the outside. Don't tell my doctor.
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          My doctors always can tell when I've been working too much on my Packard or Studebaker. They just see my hands and arms covered with those skin bruises! Thin skin and blood thinner! Ouch!
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            Pay attention to what your doctor tells you. He really knows what he's talking about. You'll get back to your Studebaker in due time.
            It's really great to be alive.
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              My brother had the same problem taking it easy after his heart procedure, but he has been very good. He is back at work now, but not full speed. We are told it takes a long time to completely recover.

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                Caution: My experience has been that when someone "jumps" in too soon, and develops a set back..... they have just added months to eventual recovery......go drive a Studebaker...(maybe one with PS !)