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Selling 1960 and 1961 Hawk

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  • Selling 1960 and 1961 Hawk

    First is an 1961 T10 4-speed from factory Studebaker Hawk (Red), I have the original factory build sheet for it. It has a rebuilt rolling chassis, engine and transmission along with front disc brakes. I should mention the frame was painted when it was rebuilt. This particular Hawk also has power steering and AC. The body needs to be re-assembled and painted to be back to par.

    Next is an 1960 Studebaker Hawk (white), in excellent running condition with a newly rebuilt transmission. In addition, the Hawk has a new engine, brakes, paint, front suspension and white wall tires. Interior is in great shape and has working turn signals, headlights and brake lights.

    I should mention that I'm located in Belleair, Florida. If you should have any questions about either Studebaker, please feel free to leave a reply. Thanks, Dylan.

    Click image for larger version

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    Welcome to the SDC and to the SDC Forum Dylan.

    I see from the Interior Pic of the '60 Hawk that it is a Flight-O-Matic Automatic Transmission Car, a very important thing to mention in any Ads for this Car.

    The other thing that is absolutely a must is your location, you did not add it to your Profile, you don't have to give up your Address, but it sure would be good to know the State and Portion of it or nearest Large City.

    It's a major issue with the "basket case" Car, because of Shipping/Hauling to wherever it's New home will be.
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      Will do! Thanks for the advice.


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        Prices? What exactly was done/replaced during the engine rebuild on the '61? What was replaced when the T-10 was rebuilt?
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          Was the '61 red from the Factory? I ask because the firewall and door posts appear to be white or beige. nice project either way!


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            P M sent sent about hawks


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              Nice cars. Good reason to move to Florida.
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                The '61 was originally white from the factory and thank you!


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                  I don't have great specifics on the engine rebuild but both I know were completely rebuilt. However, the same gentlemen did the work on both Hawks and I would be more then happy to provide you with his information if you have interest in either Studebaker. As far as prices, I would like to have $12,500 for the '61 and $19,950 for the '60. If theres anything else I can help you with please let me know.