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Best Way To Sell 1951 Studebaker Champion?

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  • Best Way To Sell 1951 Studebaker Champion?


    I'm looking for advice about the best way to go about selling my father's car.

    My father has had some medical problems and can no longer drive his Studebaker, a 1951 Champion that he's owned for decades. We're looking to find someone ASAP who will love the car and take care of it. We're in central Connecticut, and the buyer would need to be able to pick up the car here.

    It has the original engine, interior and glass. Body rust was removed and the exterior repainted in the original color (Concord Blue) in the mid 1990s. It has new break lines and a master cylinder.

    Where or how would you suggest we advertise the car for sale? We'd like to sell it within a week or two, so waiting for the next print magazine is probably outside of our time frame.

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    The two prong approach would to first market the car on your local Craigslist. Take some clear pictures and post those as well. The second approach would be to list it on Ebay for the fee they charge. You can have the auction last as little as 3 days or as long as 10.

    Now with fear and trepidation I wade into the touchy part. Since there is a long term attachment and an emotional element, what you want for the car is key to how soon you sell it. You can get lots of advise for the value from members here and locally but when all is said and done, the market will determine what you get for the car.

    As an example, there has been in my neighborhood, a 1960 Champ truck that was purchased new by the original owner. For the past 22 years that I have lived here, I have stopped by from time to time to see about buying it. The owner passed and the wife refused to entertain the idea of selling it. She passed at 98 years last year. A friend of mine stopped and left his card and was called. The truck is a V8 overdrive truck with 67,000 rust free original miles. After a talking period there was a price agreed of $4,000. Some may think the truck is worth more, others less, but that was the price with a buyer with cash on hand that the deal was done.

    Good Luck and hope your father does enjoy the measure of health he has. Is there someone in Connecticut that can help out?

    Bob Miles
    Tucson AZ


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      Take pictures of all exterior panels, the interior, engine compartment and the underside of the car. Load them to a hosting site (i.e. Photobucket) and post the link here. Include a price and it may sell here.

      I would also contact the chapter(s) in your area to let them know it is available. There may be someone who has coveted it who will step up and buy it.

      In the end e-Bay will gain you the most exposure but it does come with costs.
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        Was this car from Poughkeepsie, NY decades ago? If not, the description matches another one that I know.

        My advise is to put it on eBay. Give a good honest description and some pictures. Start the auction with a very low price and place a reserve at a price that you can live with. Do not worry about finding a local buyer. Commercial shippers will pick up your car at your location no matter where it is sold to. For your listing, the word for what stops the car is brake, not "break".

        I am about 100 miles from you, but there are SDC members in Connecticut that are on this SDC Forum on a regular basis.
        Gary L.
        Wappinger, NY

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          Studegary - No the car was never in Poughkeepsie, that I'm aware of. I believe it's been in CT since the 60s.


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            Originally posted by studegary View Post
            Commercial shippers will pick up your car at your location no matter where it is sold to.
            How does this normally work? Would I make arrangements before the auction and find out how much I should be charging for shipping, or would the buyer make those arrangements post auction?


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              The buyer is responsible for shipping arrangments and costs, unless you agree to do it for him.


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                Andrew; you make a note under Shipping details on your Ad: "Pick-Up or Shipping is the Buyer's Responsibility and must be done within one week."

                It is better that the buyer get some shipping estimates BEFORE purchase, so he is not blindsighted.

                A very Important thing to mention is whether this '51 Champion is a 2 Door Sedan (Roll-up rear side windows), a Starlight Coupe (with 4 piece wraparound Back Glass), a Business Coupe (no rear seat side windows), a 4 Door Sedan, or a Convertible as it makes a very big difference in desirability and Value.

                Also the transmission Type: Manual 3 Speed, Manual with Overdrive, or Automatic.
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