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Any update from South Bend Swap Meet?

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    [QUOTE=Chicken Hawk;918247]The meet was good but the high light for me (but more so for about 4 or 5 others) was when Nelson took these people out for a ride in the R 3 Hot Rod test car. There was a BIG crowd in back of the motel parking lot and everyone was estactic waiting to hear that beast going down US 31 just behind the motel with a wall that relayed the sound of the exhaust. Definitely no trouble hearing it! Lots of big smiles that night.

    Yes Ted, I enjoyed giving those rides. I think several of the guys taped them but not sure. I would like to see those videos if they did. I also appreciate you running out into the intersection and flagging Andy Petris and I down to warn of the two police cars waiting at the corner. We both thought you were going to get hit and it looked like you almost did. That could have really dampened the attitude that night. That entrance ramp was almost a perfect stage for showing off the Stude performance cars to the Stude party in the parking lot. Seems like I saw a couple other R cars doing the same thing. They all looked and sounded great.
    Also, thanks for the offer for the rear bumper off theChicken Hawk but I don't think it will fit my car anymore. haha


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      Originally posted by Bordeaux Daytona View Post
      A couple of videos were taken of the R3 going up the entrance ramp behind the hotel. I haven't been able to find them on YouTube yet.
      I've looked but haven't found anything.


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        Thanks to Ed Reynolds for the pizza and cake party at the Studebaker International open house. Very thoughtful thing to do. I've been on several tours of the place over the years but I am always just as amazed as the first time!
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