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Studebaker Trivia: What was the purpose of this access cover?

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  • Studebaker Trivia: What was the purpose of this access cover?

    Ok Stude Trivia Fans

    I have always wondered what Studebaker had in mind when they designed a little access cover, that appears on my 1960 F-Body Lark.
    It is located on both L & R door posts, under the overhead light switch.

    I am guessing the stamping cover outlived its original design purpose. This F-body has features that goes back to the 1955 Ultra-Vista models with their wrap-around windshield design.

    The cover has a raised area, like you could open it with your thumb. However mine are spot-welded, not to open.
    This feature does NOT appear on my 1964 Daytona HT. So maybe in 1963, when the dog-leg doors were redesigned, this access cover was removed?

    Does anyone have any ideas what Studebaker had in mind for their use?

    Refer to the photo.

    Click image for larger version

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    I am sure it's Main purpose was to keep you guessing what it is!

    But actually the hole the "Door" covers is used for the Master Power Window Switch and the L/F Door window lift Motor wires.

    You COULD actually remove the cover, at a Stude. Dealership and Install Power Windows in 1955 to 1958 Models, although that would be very rare, not to have them Factory Installed.
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      StudeRich: Thanks... you win the trivia prize.

      I knew somebody would know, but I never thought about the power windows option. It does makes sense.
      I knew it had to be something no longer available, by 1960.

      That just shows Studebaker would rather press out little access covers, spot weld them in place, than redo a stamping.
      To save money...

      Thanks again, I can sleep tonight. haha


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        These are on my '63 F-body. At one time, I ran the wires for the door mounted speakers through the opening....but I am clueless what it is there for.
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          Are you sure that they are spot welded? From a manufacturing standpoint, it makes more sense that they are partially stamped/punched by the same press that formed the A pillar. That way it would not be a separate operation.

          Just think of the little partially stamped punch outs in an electrical box.
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            Well done Rich.


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              Originally posted by SN-60 View Post
              Well done Rich.
              Why Thank you, Ed!

              Actually I was 98% Sure that is what they were for, but just to prevent any backlash, I double checked the Door post on my '58 President with 4 Power Windows & Power Seat. At my age I can't always trust memory.
              Second Generation Stude Driver,
              Proud '54 Starliner Owner