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64 Studebaker Daytona seat covers

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  • 64 Studebaker Daytona seat covers

    Hey out there! I hate these seat covers on this car!!!They were on the car when I got it recently and are clearly in perfect shape. If my interior were black I might not mind them but I need/want red. Where could I get red seat covers? Would someone want these? They are in perfect shape they just don't match this car at all!
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    Silly question, have you peaked under those seat covers to see what's underneath? Maybe the original Studebaker seat covers were covered over.
    If not, get in touch with Will Sander of Starlight Studebaker. He probably has the nos original coverings. He bought all of the leftover upholstery from South Bend. Be patient with Will, he has a full time job as a teacher and the Studebaker business is a part time job.
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      There are no silly questions! thanks for the reply. I carefully have looked under the covers. The original seats are typically worn certainly not presentable. These are covers right over the original seats. As much as I hate these covers they look better than tired originals. I have a lot to do with this car so this isn't necessarily my first priority but I hope to get something better SOON! I'm a brand new Studebaker owner, very much a newbie to the brand so I'm trying to get educated here I will check our Starlite Stude. Thanks for the tip!!


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        if what's underneath those covers is not useable, another option would be SE Studebaker - and if you want a quick turnaround from either, from what I've read - good luck! perhaps if the covers would be installed by you, that may be a quicker turnaround for shipping.

        here's Rene Harger's (SES) site:
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          Quit looking at your seat covers and look at your beautiful dash pad! It appears to be in perfect condition!
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            I'd try to sell them as is, then replace with your own choice of seats and cover of choice. Too bad you're out far, I have 2 complete set of recliners w/ floor brackets......just waiting for the right car ....


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              If you are going to South Bend next weekend, I have a set of Bordeaux Red covers that I took off my 64 about 10 years ago when SASCO was selling the NOS covers. I took the opportunity to upgrade to NOS and my old covers were too good to throw out. 1 small cigarette burn in front seat and some sun fade. Not show car, but good for a driver. We can meet up if you like and you can decide if you want them. I would be happy with $100 for front and rear.

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