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Amazing day at Building "84"

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  • Amazing day at Building "84"

    Yesterday was a great day at the Body Plant here in South Bend. In recognition of Earth Day we had at least 50 volunteers comprised of bank managers to accountants and everything in between to help pull up the flooring in the building to be repurposed in a variety of ways. There were also hundreds outside planting trees, painting fire hydrants and doing general cleanup around the Studebaker complex. So far about six tables have been made which look great with legs made of the sprinkler system piping. One was even signed by Jay Leno when he was in town and he asked that one be sent to him personally. Everyone put in a long hard day and all looked like they had been mud bogging on their way out. Great to see the community getting involved in the revival of the Studebaker Corridor. Also if in town next week you'll notice huge pictures of the Studebaker Plant and operations along the railroad tracks by the Ad Building and Body Plant put up by Kevin Smith the owner.

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    Good work to all!, after losing so much of the Studebaker "Works" it nice to see the remaining buildings being saved and repurposed.
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      Tim, got any current photos to share with those of us that wont make it there this year?
      In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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        Hey, Hope things are thawing out in Minn. I've talked to Kevin Smith's people about putting something on forum about the transformation of the building and the floor reclamation project both of which are doing great and you know how tech savvy I am so might be a couple of days. Take care, Tim


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          Nice to hear of another great thing in So Bend but after the fact . Sometimes when it comes to Studebaker related activity especially community related could be announced before it happens . I would have been happy to be there and helped out . Maybe I missed the post or invitation if so shame on me . Anyway sounds like all worked out well so that's all that matters . Ed