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How much oil, what type to use?

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  • How much oil, what type to use?

    Getting ready to change the oil in my Stude and really do not remember how much it holds. I have the 232 v8. Does anyone know off hand the correct amount required? Also the best type to of oil to use and should I use an additive of some sort since it does not get driven that much?

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    To the full line on the dipstick...
    Should be 5 quarts. Most any brand name oil, I use Castrol GTX oil in my 259. Have for years without a single oil related problem. Additives will not do anything positive for an engine that sits for a long time between drives.
    Don't let all the oil doom and gloom get to you. The standard Castrol GTX has served my 259 a daily driver.



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      Thanks Mike that's what I needed to know.
      Domenic Manera, Fire Chief
      City of York Fire Department
      York, SC 29745
      1954 Regal Starlight Coupe


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        I think all '51-55 V8s took 6 qts per the owner's manual. This would include the filter canister.
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          I Use Quaker State DEFY. It has added ZDDP that the experts say we need for our flat tappet cams. I sometimes add a can of STP to increase oil pressure.
          Neil Thornton


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            The 51 to 55 V8's use 6 quarts of oil and if the engine is equipped with an oil filter it takes 7 quarts. If I remember correctly, the 5 quart pan was used on 56 and later engines. I've been using Chevron Delo 400 15W-40 oil in my engines for many years with good results. If you will operate the engine in cold weather then 10W-30 would be a better choice. Bud


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              That's OK, when you start it up you will be 2 Qts. Low, right on the ADD Oil Line as all '51 to '55's do take 7 Qts. with Filter.
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                Six quarts with out filter. I use VR1 Valvoline in the 51. 20w50. No problems yet.
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                  You really should have a copy of the owners manual for your car. They're not expensive and have all the pertinent data you need for your car. Studebaker International has the manuals. They are the largest supplier of Stude parts, etc.
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           an different twist on an old subject: who here has verifiable evidence that a certain oil "did" damage their engine ???


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                      I don't believe that anyone has any real proof that a certain oil caused engine damage unless the oil wasn't changed for an extended amount of time. Oil supplied from any of the major refiners will be far superior to anything supplied when Studebakers were in production. There is the old wives tale that says Pennzoil will sludge up the inside of an engine which is BS as far as I'm concerned. Pennzoil got a bad rap because they were one of the largest suppliers of engine oil for many years and a bunch of people didn't change their oil regularly and their engines built up sludge blaming Pennzoil for their negligence in doing regular maintenance. I also don't buy into the theory that modern oils will cause a cam failure due to the lowered amount of ZDDP in the oil. I've heard stories of cam failures, but they were in high performance engines with a hot cam and really stiff valve springs. Most Studebaker engines don't fit into that category and will run just fine on modern oil. Bud