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1937 4 door sedan

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  • 1937 4 door sedan

    I have been looking at a 1937 4 door sedan. I noticed there is a difference in the trunk area design. Most seem to have a hump in the area of the trunk lid. The one I am looking at doesn't have a hump. It is nice and smooth from the rear window down to the rear bumper area! Is that a model difference or what? Thanks.
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    My 1937 Dictator 4 door sedan has the hump.


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      They came either way. The 4-door sedan with trunk would be called a Cruising Sedan and assuming no side mounts it would be have a body symbol starting with 37A W3. The body like the one you are looking at would be called a Custom Sedan and have a body symbol of 37A W1 (again assuming no side mount), see photo below for the 2-door version called the St Regis Brougham. Note also that the '37 Dictator could be ordered with the straight axle (5A) or with planar suspension (6A). The Cruising Sedan with trunk out sold the Custom Sedan by a 10 - 1 margin. Therefore the car you mention is much more scarce though not necessarily more valuable.

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        I learned to drive in a 1937 Ford and it had the flatten trunk lid like the Studebaker your looking at.
        The Fords also offered the hump design trunk area. We referred the non-hump trunk lid models as "slant backs" and with the hump "hump backs". I guess with the hump design you would have increased trunk capacity.
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