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    OK.... I'm gonna change things to where it's more a question of my judgment than the merits of this vehicle. So - if I were given the choice of having that vehicle or a sack of farts, I'd definitely grab the sack! Call me Looney - it's a title I wear proudly (where's my personal wrangler?) Opened up, the sack of farts would "move me" more.
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      That is nothing compared to what " customizers" did to cars back in the 50's, they just butchered them back then.


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        Holy Bat droppings Dick, creativity lives on.


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          I didn't berate the car, I just said I didn't get it.

          If I walk into an art museum, look at a piece of modern art on the wall, don't get it and mutter, "I don't get it," have I committed some heinous crime?

          Sometimes I look at a custom car and I can see where the builder was going with it. This one? Not so much. It almost looks like the mid-50's Chrysler concept car - the Falcon - but doesn't quite get there.

          Click image for larger version

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            Originally posted by Dick Steinkamp View Post
            There will always be cars (both custom and stock) that I don't like. I like most...but not all.
            As I have stated many times before, its next to impossible to 'improve' a '53 or '54 C/K, and this one is no exception by any means.

            It's really not difficult to find cars that MOST people would not care for. (BTW, Studebaker built a lot of them ). Here's a few for those that have to be "one up" on someone with something...

            Brooks Stevens did come up with at least ONE 'cardboard car' not unlike the above for Studebaker to mull over: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...prototype+hawk



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              Change for the sake of change.
              It doesn't have be 'better' or an 'improvement', only different from what it formerly was.
              This is what led to the 'customized' atrocities of the '60s, making constant 'changes' was everything to winning awards.
              ....good taste and cohesive styling? ...forgeddaboutit.


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                if memory serves...I think this forum discussed this car before...only difference being it was painted bright orange. while it may not be my cup of tea I have often noticed that many cars look better in the flesh rather than in photographs. perhaps this could be one of these cars? junior
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                  Originally posted by rowan View Post
                  This custom has lots of potential. Rear end treatment and removal of side coves are unfortunate, though, as it is harder to recognize as a Stude.
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                    Interesting...going thru some pictturs last night...what do I spot...this same car, in bright orange, at the Mooneyes Christmas show (Irwindale Raceway) in 2010.
                    It doesn't look any better in my photos..!



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                      I find it interesting how the car actually looks like an older model with these mods. In stock form the 53 looks a lot more modern than this.