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62 GT on ebay, looks like it might be a good deal.

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  • 62 GT on ebay, looks like it might be a good deal.

    Is this a correct color?
    Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

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    I agree. jimmijim
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      I think it looks like it's the correct color but the fire wall and inner fenders where never black.Other than that nice car.


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        For it to be the "Correct Color" there would have to have been a Yellow Color that year.
        Second Generation Stude Driver,
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          I agree with Rich, I don't remember yellow paint being offered in 1962 and the grill is from a 63. Bud


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            I get mixed signals from a Car like this.
            Why would someone go to all the trouble and expense to special order and drive who knows how Far to pick-up a Tar Top Battery seemingly wanting to do "Original", but get the GM Delco Yellow screw-on Caps instead of the Willard with the Red ones, use bare '64 Tail lights, Custom White Door Panels with backwards Handles, 90 Degree Rotated Pedals, Yellow non-stock Paint, a '63 Grill with Body Color Paint behind, and a blackout Engine Compartment?

            I guess it's just another one you have chalk up as "Different Strokes".

            I guess not everyone gets it, that a Classic Car needs to be:

            1. Original and Stock.

            2. Slightly (Mildly) Modified like: more invisible items, Aftermarket Disc Brakes, Dual Master Cyl. lighted Fender Marker "Fins" like it has, New Edelbrock 4 Brl. Carb. etc.

            3. Or, all out Modified as in Chevy. 350 Power, flared fender wells, tubbed, fat tires and Wheels, Mouse Gray Tweed 2015 Type Interior, Mustang II Suspension, 4 Wheel Disc. Brakes, Resale Red Paint, the Sky is the limit, take your pick.

            Did I mention that this is a very beautiful '62 GT Hawk, and it looks good as is?
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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              'Looks like a very nice car. That yellow was not among the regularly-available 1962 colors, but looks awfully nice on the car; not too bright. 1963 grille, too. BP
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                Would not be my first choice for color but I used to own a 66 Mustang 2+2 very nearly the same shade of yellow. It does appear to be a very well done paint job. The white door panels, on the other hand, just don't work with the yellow paint. I would have to swap them out with all black. The 63 front grill is ok. Maybe the original was damaged and this was on hand. Or he just liked it better than the original.
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                  I like this Hawk...The exterior color looks great....and the interior is beautiful....well worth the asking price! (4 speed to boot!)