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    Good thread Matt!.....Let's face it, NO ONE has been berated more on this forum than 'Old SN-60', however, I do thank some of the forum moderators for allowing me to continue to express sometimes unpopular opinions.

    I'd like to offer the following comment:......The positive message I received from the German fellow who recently purchased a '56 Golden Hawk off e-bay matters WAY more to me than any criticisms I've received from certain other forum members. (His message was in reference to my bringing the Packard 'cracked fan blade' safety issue out into the open.)

    He realized I was 'tipping him off' to a potential hazard....and thanked me for it........ THIS IS WHAT I DO, SORRY IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!!

    The Studebaker Forum is thankfully only a microcosm of the Studebaker Drivers Club, and for this fine club to remain healthy, I believe the following guidelines should be adhered to:

    1) Be completely honest about the 'Pros and Cons' of S-P automobiles....especially to 'newbies'.

    2)Accept the reality that not everything S-P built was 'perfect'.

    3)Get out there and DRIVE those Studebakers as much as possible....SHOW THE FLAG!!!!!!......Thank you, SN-60, member Studebaker Drivers Club since 1968


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      I own an M5 and late last summer purchased a Sky Hawk knowing I would have support from the SDC and this forum. The vast majority of the postings are civil and informative but there are several "enemies" on the forum that are rude and obnoxious to each other. I have come to ignore the enemies and don't read their posts - I should use the "ignore" button so I won't even see their posts - they are bad for the group and turn off potential new comers. We have other long time Studebaker folks that are very knowledgable but at times express their knowledge in a harsh manner. Written communication may sometimes be viewed by the reader as rude and self indulgent when that was not at all the intended delivery - sometimes it is. We must make this forum a fun and informative place to visit and cherish or our hobby will suffer. The only other forum I visit on a regular basis is STT - the personality conflicts are at a minimum and the members are cordial and happy to help.


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        I agree with you, Matt, 100% too.
        Clark: I didn't know about the triangle, but now that I do I will use it more often! : )

        Thank you both.

        I have seen a few nasty comments but usually dismiss them because they haven't been directed at me. Now I will report all obnoxious comments. There are always bad apples unless you sort them out first.


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          Well I 've been here for many years and the most important thing I've found out is that little icon at the bottom left is something...that's as good as when you guys taught me that little icon on my Studebaker radio is for cival defense!!!! By the way I spelled civil wrong because I'M STUPID AND DON"T PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL...Oh boy now I have to self report myself with that little icon....but first, this just in on my Stude Radio: THE USSR TODAY HAS LAUNCHED........!


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            This forum is pretty nice compared to a lot I've seen on the pianoworld forum. On that forum the owner and moderator sometimes does not even respond to emails about offensive behavior.
            " the exception in individuals, but the rule in groups" - Nietzsche.


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              The phenomenon has existed longer than this, or any other online forum, believe me--and from some otherwise surprising quarters on occasion... UNFORTUNATELY!


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                It may also be a good idea to "Practice What We Preach"!!


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                  I think much of what Jeff said can be summed up by saying every forum has a Cliff Claven, a Norm Peterson and an Eddie Haskell.
                  Poet...Mystic...Soldier of Fortune. As always...self-absorbed, adversarial, cocky and in general a malcontent.


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                    Originally posted by Gunslinger View Post
                    I think much of what Jeff said can be summed up by saying every forum has a Cliff Claven, a Norm Peterson and an Eddie Haskell.
                    You just named 3 good guys on two of my favorite shows.


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                      Don't forget Archie Bunker. Pretty tough to ignore Carroll O'Connor when he was at his best. I concur with all these posts and although I'm reasonably new here, I am amazed at the talent and eagerness of others to try to assist in whatever problems we are encountering whether it be sourcing a difficult to find part or simply having trouble repairing something. Lets all enjoy our Studebakers (Packards too).
                      Cheers, Bill


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                        Please ! No preaching. Do that internally.
                        Then, just practice publicly.
                        South Lompoc Studebaker


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                          A few numbers to help put this issue in perspective.
                          • We have over 10,000 registered users of this Forum.
                          • Over 1,000 are active users, i.e., they participate on a regular basis.
                          • On a regular day, there are around 500 people visiting the Forum on a regular basis.
                          • We have an average of between 200 and 300 new posts per day!

                          With that in mind, of those 1000 regular users, there are - what? 15 that don't get along? That's about 1/1000th of our total membership.

                          Given those numbers, I think we're a pretty civil place.

                          There are always going to be personal conflicts. The Mod Squad here have been criticized for being too lax, being too harsh; for being too quick to jump in, not quick enough. I, personally, have been accused of "concierge moderation" - by both parties on each side of a conflict!

                          When all's said and done, we're a pretty great group of guys (and ladies). We take care of each other, we love our cars, we help folks who need it, and the overwhelming portion of us take the high road and simply move past things that rankle us.

                          It's my personal opinion that we've got a wonderful place to congregate, talk tech, and spread the Gospel of South Bend to folks who want to know about it. Let's concentrate on those good things, move forward, put personal differences behind us, and continue to adopt newbies and make them welcome.

                          Keeping the marque alive - that's what we're all about. Right? The things that divide us are nowhere near as strong as the ties that bind us.

                          Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                            Clark, we've had our 'ups and downs'...but I must say that you're a hell of a good writer!


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                              You think it's bad here? Try the Mercedes-Benz forum! Holy crap. It's all about 4 or 5 guys and God forbid you ask a question you "should" know the answer to, or dare question anything the aforementioned "4 or 5" state. I still own and enjoy my 380SL but rarely post there anymore



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