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  • Hawk with/without Halibrands

    After seeing the new Halibrands on this thread...

    I HAD to see what they'd look like on my GT, so I photoshopped for comparison.

    Stock (current)

    With new Halibrands

    What do you guys think?

    (Repurposed parking meter mounted on the cowl to raise funds to buy the wheels if popular opinion dictates - $0.25 per city block)

    Thanks to Marc212 for the wheel images from his beautiful Avanti.
    Stock Wheelcovers
    New Halibrands

    The poll is expired.

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    62 GT

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    They make the car.


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      I like the Halibrands, as a matter of personal taste I think I would like them better with black wall tires though. The white walls are better with the wheel covers.
      Pat Dilling
      Olivehurst, CA
      Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

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        I'll take that car either way!

        I really like the wing mounted rear view mirror. Very much in keeping with the European styling of the car.

        Like Pat, I generally like my mags with black walls, but those wheels with the white walls look quite elegant. It might be a tough choice between white walls and black walls with them.

        (BTW, that Hawk sits just right )
        Dick Steinkamp
        Bellingham, WA


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          Never much cared for that particular style of wheelcover, so its the Halibrands hands down.


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            Two thumbs up for the Halibrands.
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              That's some seriously-good photoshopping, Andy. The car looks great either way. BP
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                Yes to the Halibrands!


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                  They look good.


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                    Probably just me but that color on that car makes it look elegant and timeless. In keeping with the theme, the wheel covers and WW's make the entire package. It's just not the place for the mags and I'm a mag guy.

                    Paint it black, red, fuscia or any other color and the mags work but just not here. Diving for cover -------. Bob
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                      Great. Showed my wife the Halibrands and now she wants the bedroom painted the color of your car! lol. I never really liked the 63 wheel covers. I love the halibrands like the cragar SS's with spiners and like the magnum 5oo's too. R love love love the car. R
                      64 GT R1 4sp Hawk
                      Mohawk Trails Chapter SDC


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                        I prefer the torque thrust big five-spoke, or the jelly bean mags, or just plain chromies. All are period correct, and look great on Hawks. Not a fan of this particular Hallibrand- looks a bit like its off the 69 T-bird.


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                          Halibrand with blackwalls.


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                            I prefer the top picture with the nice hubcaps. I like original wheels and covers. And BTW, that's a very nice look Stude. I like the color.


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                              Hey, its only a wheel an tire combo, it not like you are chopping the top 6" and radiusing the wheel wells.
                              You can swap wheels back and forth every week if you wish, pleasing one crowd one week and the other the next.
                              Or run hub caps on the drivers side and Halibrands on the passenger side. Swap 'em from side to side weekly and screw with everyone's head.

                              I've long been undecided about choosing the color for my Daytona. Strato Blue? or Bordeaux Red?
                              Half way tempted to tape off a white stripe down the middle and do 'er up in a patriotic Bordeaux Red, white, and Strato Blue.
                              ..and remember, like tire and wheel combo's, its only paint.

                              BTW. Love the angle of the shot, and the looks of those twin peace pipes poking out there so straight and proud
                              ....but not so much that hood ornament/parking meter.
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