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Question about 53-62 C&K/Hawk headlight rims

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  • Question about 53-62 C&K/Hawk headlight rims

    I have two sets of headlight rims for the cars mentioned in the title. They look identical except for the clips inside the top portion. One set has clips with the hook portion just about flush with the back edge of the rim. On the other set, the hook of the clip is probably a 1/4 short of the back edge. The clips are clearly different lengths (or depths).

    Why is there this difference and which years would each pair fit? Thanks for your thoughts.

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    They should both work, but some clip right into the fender, and the ones with the clip further in, clip to the headlight bucket.
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      If memory serves correctly the shorter ones are 53-55 and the longer are 56-62

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        Studebaker did interesting (?) things like that!


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          When you buy a new set from SI they come with
          two sets of clips that you screw into the back of
          the housing.


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            At some point early in it's life my '53 had a major reconstruction done on the driver's side from end to end. Now one side clips in to the fender and one in to the bucket. Each side had a different number of rubber bumpers between the front fenders and hood; and there is even one undetectable difference between the inner rear quarters and the deck lid opening.
            It was obviously done at a shop by a tech with considerable skill and experience. I never detected any of it until I disassembled for a total restoration.
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              And I believe that the later GT Hawk style ('63-'64) clip into the front edge of the fender also.