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Studebaker mention in an industry magazine...

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  • Studebaker mention in an industry magazine...

    While waiting for service to be done on my wife's car this morning I was browsing through magazines in their waiting area. While looking through an industry magazine...the February 2015 issue of Undercar Digest...I found in their trivia page (Zangari's Auto Trivia or Z-Car Trivia)...were a couple of questions...

    "1. Studebaker consulted with a European company in 1952 in a quest for new ideas to bring to market. What overseas firm built a prototype for Studebaker, code-named Type 542 or Z-87 as a result?"

    "2. Who was Studebaker's experimental engineer who prepared a report critical of the prototype?"

    The answers...Porsche and John Z. Delorean.

    I thought it pleasantly surprising to see the Studebaker name in a modern magazine. Kudos to Paul Zangari.
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    The Porsche connection was covered a number of years ago in TW, but I don't remember ever reading about Delorean/Studebaker before.
    Skip Lackie