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  • 55 stude commander

    why is there not much parts on-line for sale foe a 55 commander Coupe ???

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    Sort of depends what you are looking for. Of course, there is always eBay........kind of hit and miss that what you need will be on there at any given time.

    But here are a few online sources:

    Also, here is a listing of Studebaker vendors, some of which are online:

    Where in North Carolina are you?
    Winston-Salem, NC
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      Barry Hackney has lots. 281 787 6230
      Originally posted by heath View Post
      why is there not much parts on-line for sale foe a 55 commander Coupe ???
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        Hey Heath and WELCOME here. It could be a communication problem. You have had responses on both post and haven't responded back.


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          Because anything that fits a 55 Commander would probably fit a Speedster, so everything you see on eBay is a "Speedster" part. I built mine a piece at a time. It all came in pieces by UPS, USPS, Purolator, Canada Post. My staff was shocked when it all went together and made a car.
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