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New guy have 1952 2R16

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  • New guy have 1952 2R16

    This truck has a 1957 hawk 289 ,I am trying to find oil sensor and see nothing anyone can assist me in this search

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    Welcome to SDC and to the SDC Forum.

    If you are looking for an Oil Pressure Switch for an Idiot Light or an Oil Pressure Gauge Line it will be on inboard side, near the rear of the Right cylinder head.
    There is a 1/8" Pipe thread Hole in the Head for this.

    Both the Golden Hawk and the Truck had a real gauge, so you need a Rubber flex hose from the cylinder head to the copper tubing that goes to the dash Gauge. It is a special hose Part # 530096 only available at Studebaker Vendors.

    Go to:
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