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Los Angeles chapter 30th annual Winter Meet this Sunday!!

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    Well sometimes my best laid plans take a turn, and today was a perfect example of that...
    A trip to reward myself after the long process of helping my Mom prepare my Grandparent's old house for the market turned into quite the fiasco. So- a Mom, her dog, my brother, his wife, their two dogs, and two vehicles later- we hit the road from here (Westchester- near LAX) at about 11:30. Or was it Noon? I don't know, but it was later then I had planned when it was just me, myself and I making the trip. Knowing the drive time I didn't expect to see much of the StudeShow, and boy I was right. We did get to see quite a few of the Studes (and tractors) from the Subway parking lot as they all were driving away. Sorry I missed you folks who were there. Maybe we'll get a chance to catch up at La Palma...?

    What I did get to see was pretty sweet!!! Besides the aforementioned train display, which I loved looking at, there were quite a few Studes in the museum to check out. I have some photos, but I'll need to recharge my camera's battery before I can post them. I didn't take pics of the many Avantis (I think there were THREE of them!?!?) in the museum, but I DID get several photos of the Indy Car. Yes- I am fairly sure it was #18. I believe one of the TWO Wagonaires in/at the museum is the one from the Peterson- as was the AWESOME 'RV' that used to reside in their parking garage. Sad story 'bout that museum, BTW. But anyway- despite the long drive out, and the even loonger drive back- I think a good time was had by all.

    I wonder if I'll be back for their vintage camper/RV show in June?
    Rumor has it Nelly would NOT be the only '50s bus RV conversion there...

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