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Number on Rear Frame Crossmember for 1950

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  • Number on Rear Frame Crossmember for 1950

    I saw mention of a number on the rear frame crossmember several weeks ago. I was wondering what the number is and where exactly it's located?
    If I remember, tomorrow I will slide under the rear of my 50 Champion and see if I can find it. Thanks

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    The number is in the center of the rear cross member on the rear flange about in the center. This is the serial number and not the body number.
    Richard Quinn
    Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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      Here is a photo of the serial number on the rear frame crossmember of our '50 Champion.

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      \'50 Starlight Champ,
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        Unfortunately, many of them have "disappeared" over the decades due to rust and corrosion.


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          Rather than perpetuate bad information, I deleted what was post #2 when I realized I was grossly in error. Based on what Richard and fpstude posted, I went back one more time and was successful in locating my serial number on my 51 Land Cruiser. The numbers are so lightly stamped on the crossmember that they were nearly invisible in the surface rust. In fact, as I was trying to rub away the rust, I may have also been polishing away the metal around the numbers, making them even more difficult to read.

          On a side note, I noticed that the number "1" on the crossmember is an Arabic numeral, and not the Roman numeral "I" as stamped on the serial number plate on the door jamb. If your DMV is insisting the serial number on your title must include a letter "I" because that's the way it looks on the serial number plate, and you're lucky enough to still be able to read the serial number on your crossmember, you might be able to convince them it should be a number and not a letter. Just a thought.

          Mark L
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          Mark L